For those seeking a greater sense of unity and the possibilities of life lived from the radiant center within, we offer transformational spiritual enhancement services.

On this sacred journey of spiritual discovery, our approach is based on the timeless wisdom traditions, and on the healing power of energy therapy. Your program will be personalized for you, since we are each unique souls with our own talents, challenges, and aspirations.

Spiritual enhancement therapies can make a profound difference in your life. They help you shed limitations, embrace the insights that a widening expansion of consciousness brings, and align with your heartfelt intentions.

Have you been struggling with an issue or problem that has been with you as far back as you can remember? Have you ever wanted to learn about who you were before this incarnation? Perhaps you’re having a spiritual crisis or are searching for a direction, but can’t locate a foothold. There are answers to what you’re seeking on this divinely appointed journey within, and we’d be honored to walk this sacred path with you.

Charleston Holistic Center offers a variety of options for seekers:

Past Life Regression/Past Life Therapy:

Past life regression is a powerful therapeutic approach that has helped many people resolve long-standing issues and gain greater clarity. It is based upon the knowledge that we are eternal beings, and that we can bring beliefs and experiences from one lifetime into the next. This fascinating approach to healing can lead to significant transformations in your life, as you heal old patterns and release limiting energies. When you fully realize the eternal nature of your being, this often leads to a more authentic connection with others, and a deeper experience of the love-filled energy that surrounds us all.

Dream Analysis:

Have you always wondered what your dreams are telling you?  Are you having detailed or disturbing dreams and want to find out what they mean?  Dreams are an integral part of being human.  Understanding what are dreams are trying to reveal to us can significantly enhance our experience in this life.  Some dreams may simply be your subconscious processing the day-to-day of our existence; however, other dreams may reflect a deeper meaning to events and situations in our lives.

Dream analysis can help you uncover what your subconscious is trying to relate to you.  Whether you want to just understand a little more about yourself or need to delve into an issue deeply, our therapist will help you unveil the hidden meanings to your dreams and help you relate them to your life in a manner that promotes your overall well-being.


1t.c75.bCome see us Wednesday evenings for rush-hour meditation. Recharge yourself before going home, and let go of the stress of the day. We’re also offering meditation classes on an individual and group basis. We will be glad to come to your group and help you learn to meditate.

The benefits of meditation are remarkable, and can be felt in every area of our lives. It can improve energy levels, heighten creativity and problem solving abilities, reduce stress levels and deepen our connection with the divine. Studies show that meditation is associated with beneficial outcomes for issues such as anxiety, overeating, addiction, depression, and with improving overall cognitive function.

Studies conducted at a variety of universities including Harvard and Emory have found that meditation can work as effectively as prescription medications to lower blood pressure.  Meditation has also been shown to significantly improve one’s ability to cope with emotionally-charged situations. Everyone can learn to meditate.  Join us and gain the benefits.


Imagine being able to transform extremely painful memories or difficult emotional situations (such as phobias) into normal, balanced responses.  Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a type of psychological acupressure  It is based on the same energy principles that are used in traditional acupuncture but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping on specific energy meridians on the head and chest, using just the fingertips, is done to input kinetic energy, altering the conditioned response within your system. The tapping is done while you focus intently on your specific problem – whether it is a traumatic event, a phobia, an addiction, pain, etc.

By altering the conditioned response in your energetic system, the body is allowed to return to its natural, balanced state, and the emotional blockages are released from your body’s bioenergetics system. This process is rapid, dramatic, and completely painless.

Reiki & Shamanic Reiki:

Reiki is a discipline of energetic healing that originates in Japan. The focus of a Reiki treatment is to realign and clear the energy centers and channels of the body, and to encourage a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. In a Reiki treatment, the practitioner transmits healing energy into the patient’s body by projecting the energies through his/her hands.

The National Institute of Health recognizes Reiki as a viable healing modality, and the practice of Reiki is found world-wide in hospitals and non-clinical settings alike. It even has applications outside of human health as many employ this technique to facilitate healing for plants and animals.

1t.can81.aReiki is similar to many energy healing traditions from around the world, such as shamanism, chi gung, yoga, and acupuncture, in that it observes that Universal Life-Force Energy (ULFE) is the power that animates and sustains all life on the earth, and in the universe. According to this concept, ULFE creates the energy body of a person, animal, or plant, and then the energy body permeates and sustains the functioning of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies of that organism.

Therefore, diseases of the mind and body are a result of imbalances and blockages in the configuration of the energy body. In the healing system of Reiki, spiritual energy facilitates physical, mental, and emotional healing by clearing-out blockages in the energy body, and then re-aligns the energy centers of the body, creating optimum energy flow and maximizing the potential for wellness.

Shamanic Reiki offers these benefits but even more.  With Shamanic Reiki, transformation and empowerment are the specific goals.  These can include finding  and working with Power Animals and Spirit Teachers, restoring and preventing Soul Loss, retrieving and healing Past Lives, and much more.  Each of these techniques is specifically designed to assist you in the transformational process in finding your most brilliant pathway on this journey through life.

Visit our Reiki and Tarot web site: We have so much news about Reiki and Shamanic Reiki services, and intuitive Tarot readings, that we’ve devoted an entire site to those topics. Please take a look, at (We invite you to either make an appointment for Reiki or Tarot here, or through the new site.)

Learning Reiki:

The word Reiki translates from Japanese to English as “divine life-force energy” or “universal life-force energy“. The Japanese word Reiki can be divided into two symbols or kanji ,”rei” means “spirit or divine”, and the second kanji “ki” means “energy or life-force”. The tradition of Reiki was originally passed-down orally from Master/Teacher to students through education, experience and initiation. Currently, this tradition is codified into written material in order to assist in the study and standardization of the practice.

An initiation into the practice of Reiki is known as an “attunement”. An attunement opens and clears the energy channels of an individual so that they may become a channel or vessel of healing for the Universal Life-Force Energy. An attunement creates permanent changes in the practitioners’ energy body, and thus facilitates changes in their physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Consequently, there are three degrees of Reiki attunements in the Usui tradition, level 1, 2 and master/teacher. At the Charleston Holistic Center we offer Reiki services for mind-body-spirit healing as well as attunements for the aspiring practitioner. Let our experienced practitioners and teachers help you discover healing and transformation through the ancient wisdom of Reiki!

Spiritual Life Coaching:

Are you searching for direction and a spiritual path, but not necessarily a religious path? Do you feel you’re at a crossroads, and want a more abundant future? We can help you find your direction with Life Coaching from the Spiritual Perspective.

There really are no limits to what is possible in our lives. A spiritual coach works with you to clearly define your dreams and goals, and helps you create a plan for reaching those milestones. At Charleston Holistic Center, we show our clients how to take control of their lives, assisting them in understanding their life purpose, and in finding greater happiness and fulfillment. Coaching is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. You’ll gain the power and focus to shape your own destiny, to change course when needed, and to fully energize and manifest the kind of life you want to live.

What will Spiritual Life Coaching do for you?

  • Help you remember who you truly are. As the saying goes, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. But what the heck does this mean? As your coach, I can help you reconnect with the spiritual aspect of yourself and explore the possibilities that creates in your life. Once reconnected to your spiritual qualities and guides, the possibilities become nearly limitless.
  • Empower you to find your life path.  When we came to this life, each of us designated a few things we wanted to learn and do. As your coach, I can help you discover what those things are.
    • What you decided to learn may clearly illuminate what challenges you have encountered throughout your life.
    • What you intended to do is often tied in with what you elected to learn.
  • Boost you to master life’s challenges.  Whether they are related to the lessons you opted to learn or whether they are just the everyday situations we all encounter, in coaching we will create an environment in your body and mind that allows you to take any challenge and determine the best method of solution for you.Inspire you to actualize your purpose.  As we work together, we will determine what your goals are, how they pertain to your purpose, and how you can achieve them.
  • Kindle within you the fulfilled life of your dreams. When we coach together, we will clear, remove, and release blockages from this life and perhaps previous lives that are holding you back. You will be adept at reaching the pinnacle you seek and underway to continually creating the life of your dreams.

“One of the most wonderful things that I get to experience when working with my clients is when someone feels a dramatic shift in their whole body after completing a Reiki treatment, or when I get to see the light come into their eyes as we’ve moved through an empowering process in Spiritual Coaching.  The fact that each day I get to help people feel better or live better is a source of inspiration and great joy to me.  When someone comes in feeling stuck and can leave with hope and new possibilities, I am thankful to have been given the chance to be a small part in facilitating their transformation.” –Laura Garland

I always have a great experience with everyone at the Charleston Holistic Center. With any session I have with Laura or Lance I gain clarity! - Candice Bizzell


My Shamanic Reiki session was awesome! The insights gained will be with me always. Thank you, Laura- you have a great gift for this healing work.  -A.M.